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Custom Training

Customized training is available for individuals, classes, and departments.  This service is based on our existing computer shortcourses, but is tailored to fit your specific needs.  We also can incorporate CBT modules for continual individual learning after the training sessions are complete.  Depending on lab and instructor availability, number of participants, and available software, classes may be scheduled in the ATLC (west basement of the University library) or your department computer lab.

Training can vary depending on your request, from special sessions of our shortcourses to classes tailored to incorporate your department policies/procedures.  Topics may include setting up PowerPoint presentations, organizing mail in Outlook, setting up department-specific templates in Word, developing Excel spreadsheets for specific purposes, and more. 

Note that guest lectures are also available for your classes.  For example, if your students will need to know a specific software, such as SPSS or SAS, let us teach a special session of our shortcourse to your class at the beginning of the semester to give them the foundation they will need to excel in your class!

Training requests should be made as early as possible to ensure availability of resources.  Please contact the IT Educational Services office at iteducation@ttu.edu.

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