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At Texas Tech University, we know that the success of our students, faculty and staff relies on their ability to access resources to maintain wellness.


Wellness comes in all shapes and sizes – meditation and yoga, working out, talking it out.

The Beyond Okay initiative was started by Texas Tech Risk Intervention & Safety Education (RISE) to focus on student mental well-being. It became clear quickly that a campus wide effort to address all kinds of well-being was necessary.

Beyond Okay is designed to offer every member of our campus community the resources they need to cope with whatever is going on.

Featured Resource


TTU MindSpa

With each new semester, many of us suffer the negative effects of stress with few opportunities for relief and rejuvenation. The Student Counseling Center MindSpa provides Texas Tech enrolled students, faculty, and staff a sanctuary in which to pamper and nurture mind, body, and spirit.

Featured Wellness Event


The Path to Equity: Yoga & Action

Thursday and Friday, April 6th and 7th

Dianne Bondy practicing yoga

The President's Mental Wellness Committee is pleased to offer a workshop featuring yoga techniques as a mechanism for fostering community and wellness in an educational environment. Our facilitator, Dianne Bondy, is a social justice activist, author, accessible yoga teacher, and leader of the Yoga For All movement.

Join us on Thursday, April 6th and Friday, April 7th at the Cotton Court Hotel. Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to participate in the workshop with a mixture of listening, talking to each other, and incorporating breath with slow movement.

Red Raider Stories


Larissa Castaneda Vargas

This Red Raider is made of tougher stuff.

Larissa Castaneda Vargas

Larissa Castaneda Vargas dreamed of attending college in the U.S. Originally from Brazil, she wanted the American university experience, so when she found out she had been accepted to Texas Tech University, she was ecstatic.

Then COVID-19 engulfed the world.

Due to travel restrictions, Castaneda Vargas had to complete her first year of college online from her home in Florianópolis.

“The positive thing that came from that time was how I learned to study on my own and manage my time,” Castaneda Vargas said. “But on the downside, I didn't really connect with other students.”

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