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November 4, 2002
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LUBBOCK - With terrorism and homeland defense continuing in the forefront of the country's collective consciousness, one Texas Tech University expert is gaining national attention. Victoria Sutton, Ph.D, a professor in the Texas Tech School of Law, and one of the country's leading authorities on the legal issues surrounding bioterrorism, is featured in the October issue of Federal Lawyer magazine, along with her new book "Law and Bioterrorism." In addition, Texas Tech will open the Center for Biodefense, Law and Public Policy on Nov. 26.

"The center was established to provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration, to move in the direction of solutions for the complex and cross-disciplinary area of biodefense," said Sutton.

Experts from the areas of law, public policy, mass communications, political science, microbiology, medicine, forensic pathology, animal and food science and plant science comprise the center. The faculty is available for consultation and interviews in these areas with government, industry and associations.

Sutton's book includes research and commentary on cases, statutes and materials that address the legal issues that arise in the context of bioterrorism and homeland and national security. The book examines the history of law and bioterrorism and includes foundation cases, as well as those decided under new federal criminal statutes that were specifically constructed to address the threat of bioterrorism. The issues of federalism in a public health context are raised, as well as an analysis of the role of states in public health law and civil rights interests in a biological attack context.

Other topics include quarantine laws, vaccination powers and liabilities, as well as the proposed model public health emergency powers act. Separate chapters include international perspectives and private sector concerns Finally, the casebook concludes with consideration of the future of the new legal framework for addressing the new bioterrorism threat and homeland security.

For additional information about the center, publications, videos and books, log on to http://www.ttu.edu/biodefense.

CONTACT: Victoria Sutton, MPA, Ph.D., JD, Director, Center for Biodefense, Law and Public Policy, Texas Tech University, (806) 742-3990, ext. 264.