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Director Victoria Sutton, MPA, Ph.D., JD  
Assistant Director Heather Carson (Acting)  
Asst Director for International
Human Subject Testing
Jennifer Bard, JD, MPH
Professor of Law
Texas Tech University School of Law
Affiliated Asst Director for
Intellectual Property
Barbara J. Williams, JD, LLM  
Center Fellows
2010-2011 Center Fellows 2011-2012 Center Fellows 2012-2013 Center Fellows
Aldrich, Joel PhD Student
Bebout, Shane Candidate JD 2012
Bryant, Mikela Candidate JD 2012
Danley, Lisa Candidate JD 2012
Dyson, Brandon Candidate JD 2012
Garrett, James Candidate JD 2012
Graham, Aquila Candidate JD 2012
Jackson, Christopher Candidate JD 2011
Katiliute, Audrone Candidate JD 2012
Lawrence, Laci Candidate JD 2011
Meringola, Marshall Candidate JD 2012
Mustin, Jeff Candidate JD 2011
Sanders, Veronica Candidate JD 2012
Umarov, Arslan Candidate JD 2011
Aldrich, Joel PhD Student
Bebout, Shane JD 2012
Carlson, Bradly JD, Dec. 2012
Carrizales, Austin JD 2013
Carson, Heather JD  2013
Cepak, Natalie JD  2012
Davenport, Cory PhD Student
Franklin, Austin JD  2013
Garrett, James JD  2012
Hales, Chase JD  2012
Haseltine, Jessica JD  2013
Jordan, Aquila JD  2012
Mahaffey, Chris JD  2013
Marino, Marissa JD  2012
Meringola, Marshall JD  2012
Mustin, Jeff JD  2011
Nguyen, Anthony JD  2012
Noblitt, Zachary JD  2012
Schwarentraub, Brandon JD  2012
Sustaita, Gabriel JD  2013
Valles, Karla JD  2012
Whitley, Greg JD  2012
Aldrich, Joel  PhD JD, 2015
Cantu, Lindsey JD 2013
Carrizales, Austin  JD 2013
Carson, Heather JD 2012
Davenport, Cody  PhD Candidate
Dover, Alexandria  JD  2014
Franklin, Austin JD  2013
Graves, Kyle JD 2013
Hart, Anna JD  2014
Haseltine, Jessica JD  2013
Hughes, Chad JD  2013
Klaus, Jessica JD  2014
Lewis, Brad  JD  2013
Mahaffey, Chris JD  2013
Martinez, Kiara  JD  2013
Mcanally, Justin  JD  2013
McCoy, Elena JD  2014
Nicholson, Mischeka JD  2013
Salinas, Dominic JD  2013
Stevenson, John JD  2013
Sustaita, Gabriel  JD  2013
Trinh, Son JD  2013
Wynn, Lara JD  2014

Law and Biodefense Certificate Awardees

The Law and Biodefense Certificate is awarded to law school graduates who complete five courses in the area of law and biodefense, serve in internships and organizational activities in biodefense and write a research paper on a legal topic in biodefense. Most of our graduates in law and biodefense are currently working in the military, government and federal law enforcement agencies.


Center Faculty

Richard Baker, JD
Assistant U.S. Attorney
Adjunct Professor

Jennifer S. Bard, M.P.H, JD
Professor of Law
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Neuropsychiatry, School of Medicine
Director, Health Law Program

Daniel H. Benson, M.S., JD
Adjunct Professor of Law
Former Paul Whitfield Horn Professor of Law

Steven Berk, M.D.
Mirick-Myers Endowed Chair in Geriatric Medicine
Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean, School of Medicine
Interim Vice President, F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health

Tiffanie Brooks, DVM
Clinical Services
Department of Animal and Food Science

Walter B. Huffman, M.Ed., J.D.
Dean, School of Law
W. Frank Newton Professor of Law

Michael W. Jones, Ph.D.
Instructor, Dept of Chemistry
Former Biological Safety Officer

Ronald C. Kennedy, Ph.D.
Chair, Dept of Microbiology and Immunology, TTUHSC

Thomas Longoria, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
Director, Center for Public Service

William Marcy, Ph.D., P.E.
Senior Vice President and Provost
Former Dean, College of Engineering

Allen T. McInnes, M.B.A., Ph.D.
Dean, Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration

Richard Rosen, J.D.
Associate Professor of Law
Director, Center for Military Law and Policy
Former Associate Dean, Administration and External Affairs

Brian Shannon, J.D.
Charles B. Thornton Professor of Law
Former Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Victoria Sutton, M.P.A., Ph.D., J.D.
Robert H. Bean Professor of Law
Director, Center for Biodefense, Law and Public Policy
Texas Institute of Environmental and Human Health

Barbara J. Williams, JD, LLM (Health Law), LLM (IP Law)
Adjunct Professor
Law Firm of Barbara J. Williams, Houston, TX