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We are very proud of our graduates . . .

May 2009 Grads:

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Natalie Hill

Natalie graduated with a joint degree in Law & Biotechnology and the Intellectual Property Certificate. She also served as a Biodefense fellow.

Jaume Canaves

Jaume Canaves

Jaume graduated with the Intellectual Property Certificate and also served as a Biodefense Fellow.

May 2008 Grads:

Travis Adams

Travis Adams

Travis graduated with an Environmental Law Certificate in May 2008. He is currently working on my master's degree in biology at Texas Tech and as a RA (research assistant) at the USDA ARS.

"Tech's Law & Science Program provided classes that were insightful and applicable. Not only did the program address current issues, but also those quick to come in the future. The Program offered guidance about what classes would be more useful to someone wishing to work in the combined fields of law and science, and this is what I needed most."
Amanda Cleghorn

Amanda Cleghorn

Amanda graduated with an Environmental Law Certificate in May 2008. She is currently working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Washington, DC. Here's what Amanda has to say about our Law & Science program:

"I think the law and science program was my favorite and most rewarding part of law school, because it allowed me to go to a school that wasn't among the top 3 environmental law schools in the country, but still come out with that same expertise and land the same competitive jobs. I really think it's the best thing Tech Law has going on!"