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Student Wellness at Texas Tech University

Sometimes life just gets tough. It's filled with challenges, disappointments and setbacks. That does not make you a failure. It makes you human. When you are starting to struggle, do not hesitate to reach out. The University is committed to providing student-focused resources that can help you get back on your feet.

Healthy Lifestyle

When things are going “okay,” you may feel like you don't need any help. However, when you build a lifestyle that prioritizes well-being, you will be more prepared to face life's unavoidable challenges. At Texas Tech, resources for self-care and wellness are very accessible as they are right now. Take advantage of services at the university that support a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

TTU Recreational Sports

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Activities & Hospitality

  • TTU Hospitality Services: Eating Healthy on campus is easy, if you follow the Quick Guides published by our campus nutritionist. Even those with dietary restrictions can find something satisfying in TTU's dining locations.
  • Student Health Services: Student Health Services offers regular checkups and continued care for Texas Tech students.
  • Center for Campus Life: Joining a student organization, faith-based organization, sorority, or a fraternity can help connect you to students with similar interests and build your support network.
  • Student Activities Board: Student Activities Board plans and offers over 60 FREE events per year, exclusively for Texas Tech students.
  • Finances: Finances can be a source of stress for many students. Red to Black offers peer-to-peer financial coaching and presentations related to spending plans, saving, and maximizing aid.

Belong at Texas Tech

Finding a sense of belonging plays a big role in physical and mental well-being. At Texas Tech, there are many opportunities for students to get involved.

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