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Innovation Hub Announces 14 Teams for 8th Accelerator Cohort

April 11, 2024

Innovation Hub Announces 14 Teams for 8th Accelerator Cohort

Winning teams will take part in the 2024-25 cohort and have $25,000 in seed money to work with.

Texas Tech University's Innovation Hub at Research Park has announced the 14 teams chosen to be part of the 2024-25 Accelerator Cohort. 

The 8th cohort of the Accelerator Program was announced at the Accelerator Competition Final last Friday (April 5) in front of more than 175 attendees at the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences.  

The competition, which began months ago with a pool of talented participants, narrowed down to 19 finalists, each vying for a coveted spot in the year-long Accelerator Program and a $25,000 grant to fuel their innovative ventures. 

With 14 teams selected, this is the largest cohort to date for the Innovation Hub. In addition to the $25,000 grants sponsored by the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA), the startups will receive access to coworking space within the Innovation Hub, a dedicated team of iTTU Mentors, and connections within the Hub's network of industry experts, venture capitalists and investors.

“The Texas Tech Accelerator Competition is a testament to the innovative spirit and talent present in our community,” said Carolyn Rowley, director of business retention and innovation with LEDA. “We are thrilled to support these visionary entrepreneurs as they embark on their journey towards success and make a lasting impact on their respective industries.”

Five of the 14 winners will be supported by the Industry Advancement Technology (iAT)Accelerator track, a new addition to the Accelerator Program this year. The track supports startups developing and launching AI, machine learning, and advanced manufacturing technologies. The new track was made possible by a generous donation from a Texas Tech alumnus and builds upon LEDA's support by offering additional opportunities to West Texas entrepreneurs.

“This cohort marks a historic milestone as our largest group of startup teams yet. The invaluable support from LEDA and our dedicated alumni has been instrumental in achieving this success,” said Taysha Williams, the managing director of the Innovation Hub. “It stands as a testament to the vibrant and thriving ecosystem here in West Texas.”

With more than 175 attendees gathered at The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Science, the energy for the finale was palpable and showcased the culmination of hard work, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit as the winners were announced.

Texas Tech Accelerator 8th Cohort

  • AEOLUS Analytics | Anthony Masias, Community Entrepreneur

AEOLUS Analytics specializes in producing radar-based, date and address/location specific historical wind reports.

  • BarnBook | Alyssa Bouren, Texas Tech University Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration Student

Barn Book is an extensive record keeping app for show stock.

  • ElevatED Insights | Jessica Gottlieb, Texas Tech University College of Education Faculty

ElevatED Insights combines cutting-edge technology and extensive domain knowledge to transform raw data into actionable intelligence for education stakeholders. 

  • LocShark | Armani Williams, Community Entrepreneur

LocShark is an innovative technology company that provides patented anti-theft cases/devices to enterprises/customers nationwide to enjoy the peace of mind, security, and protection when it comes to locating their lost or stolen assets.

Medical Information Simulations is developing a web application laboratory information system simulator to provide career readiness and improve training for medical laboratory scientists in the area of laboratory information technology.

  • MelodiaSync | Jessica Blume, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, Office of Global Health Staff

MelodiaSync is an innovative software that facilitates relaxation by providing real-time, personalized beat responses while listening to audio.

  • MTDS Solutions | Michelle Coffey, Texas Tech University Alumnus

MTDS Solutions is an automated kiosk that patients can use to access a range of laboratory tests and results for patients' different health solutions. 

  • RARE Lighting Systems | Jacob Breeden, Community Entrepreneur

The Rare Lighting System seamlessly combines designer lighting fixtures with advanced UVGI technology, offering elegant illumination while actively sanitizing spaces.

  • SoulDeo Naturals, LLC | Susie Penner, Community Entrepreneur

SoulDEO Naturals is making natural products the norm, not the alternative.

iAT Accelerator Track Teams

  • Burn Length of Stay | Jordan Kassab, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, School of Medicine Student 

Burn Length of Stay seeks to revolutionize healthcare predictions utilizing machine learning technologies to predict hospital length of stay and prognosis to benefit physicians, patients, hospital administrators and insurance companies.

  • Cardio Intelligent Systems | Dongping Du, Texas Tech University Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering Faculty

Cardio Intelligent Systems offers AI solutions to accelerate the healthcare industry's transition to preventive and value-based care.

  • MobilityZ Health | Sucheshna Patil, Texas Tech University Alumnus

MobilityZ Health is a web-based platform designed for orthopedic specialists and primary care physicians to remotely screen, diagnose and monitor patients with musculoskeletal injuries using proprietary software supporting decision-making with telehealth software and automated screening tests.

  • Moveris | Justin Keene, Texas Tech University College of Media & Communication Faculty

Moveris fills a gap in advertising research resources to help brands and agencies understand how customers are relating to their messaging.

  • Neopurpose Therapeutics, Inc. | Shreyas Gaikwad, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, School of Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student

Neopurpose Therapeutics manufactures bioprinted tumor-on-chips which can be used for testing safety and efficacy of potential anti-cancer drugs.

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