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Texas Tech Awarded Approximately $2.5M from DOE for Cybersecurity Center

April 1, 2024

Texas Tech Awarded Approximately $2.5M from DOE for Cybersecurity Center

The center is part of a $15 million investment establishing six university-based centers across the country.

Texas Tech University was awarded approximately $2.5 million from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to establish a university-based cybersecurity center focused on the rural electric industry. 

The project is part of a $15 million investment from the DOE to establish six university-based electric power cybersecurity centers across the country. 

Stephen Bayne, the department chair for the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering in the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering will lead the project for Texas Tech. 

Stephen Bayne
Stephen Bayne

“Congratulations to Dr. Bayne and his team,” said Whitacre College of Engineering Dean Roland Faller. “I am particularly proud that the research leadership and collaborative spirit of our great faculty, staff and students are increasingly recognized by the federal government.”

Texas Tech's project, selected by the DOE's Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response (CESER), will partner with energy sector owners and operators, vendors and DOE National Laboratories to conduct innovative cybersecurity research and develop cybersecurity trainings.

“This investment in university-based cybersecurity centers will enable us to simultaneously grow the U.S. cyber workforce and build the expertise we need to take on the evolving cyber threats to our nation's energy systems,” said Director of CESER, Puesh M. Kumar. “The U.S. competitive advantage has always depended on cutting-edge research and a high-skilled workforce. Through these projects, we are advancing our economic and national security.” 

Bayne and his team will focus on rural utilities within the Texas power grid and create a framework that addresses the various stages of cyber-physical attacks, including attack detection, prevention, impact analysis and recovery plans. 

“This research project is an outstanding opportunity for Texas Tech researchers and students to work in the area of cyber-physical security for the electrical power grid,” Bayne said. “Cyber-physical attacks are a growing concern for national security. This project will help train the next generation of energy professionals, which is critically needed for the cyber-physical resiliency of the electrical power grid.”

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