Texas Tech University

Watch Your Apps!

If you own a smartphone or a tablet, chances are you've downloaded apps for listening to music, online banking, playing games, or connecting on social media networks. Cyber criminals are exploiting the rising demand for mobile apps by creating apps that contain malware.

Tips to keep in mind when using apps:

  • Purchase apps in reputable app stores, like the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon.  Apps in these stores have been carefully evaluated and are required to meet high security requirements before being released
  • Beware of free or low-cost apps from unknown, usually much smaller app stores, since they are less likely to require stringent code standards and formal app review
  • Install app updates when they are available. App updates add the latest features and install the newest security patches. Only install updates that come as notifications from the app store where you originally got the app
  • Limit the number of apps you install.  Every app presents a cybersecurity risk since they will have access to your information
  • Weigh the convenience of the app or the function of the app with the risk of having another app that has access to your information
  • Refrain from saving your log-in information or financial information in apps.  This information will be available to a thief if your phone is stolen
  • Evaluate which apps – if any – you will access using your social media log-in
  • Organize your apps into folders and delete unused apps