Texas Tech University

Tips for Parents Raising Digital Citizens

It is our responsibility as parents to teach our children about online safety and responsible digital citizenship.

  1. Talk with your children about online safety and manners, and listen to their concerns.
  2. Review online activity including mobile apps, texting, posting, and contact lists.
  3. “Friend” your child on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter. Participate in the same social media platforms as they do.
  4. Use everyday opportunities – such as TV shows, movies, news stories – to discuss appropriate online behaviors and consequences of inappropriate activity.
  5. Stay up-to-date and informed with new technologies, up and-coming apps/games, and privacy policies.
  6. Avoid oversharing about your children. As parents, we are creating online reputations for our children before they have a say in creating them themselves with their own social media accounts.
  7. Use your own online behavior as a role model for your family, colleagues, and friends.