Texas Tech University

 PLI 2020  Brookes
Jessica Arroyo, MBA
Student Business Services
Gregory Brookes, DM
School of Music
 Bryant  Carrillo
Mikela Bryant, JD
Institutional Advancement
Jessica Carrillo, MBA
Rawls College of Business
 Chambers  Flores
              Barbie Chambers, Ph.D.             
     College of Media & Communication      
Wendoli Flores, M.A.
Office of National and
International Scholarships and Fellowships
 Green  Harper
JaWana Green, M.Ed
Office of Student Conduct
Brandon Harper
Procurement Services
 Jackson  Jarnagin
Brett Jackson
Recreational Sports
Rachel Jarnagin
International Affairs
 Jones  Jocoy
Dora Epstein Jones, Ph.D.
College of Architecture
Stacey Jocoy, Ph.D.
School of Music
 Jou  Kim
Jesse Jou, M.F.A.
School of Theatre and Dance
Jeong-Hee Kim, Ph.D.
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
 Lackey  marbley
Rodney Lackey, M.A. 
aretha marbley, Ph.D.  
College of Education
 Messuri  Nevarez
Kristin Messuri, Ph.D. 
University Writing Center
Claire Nevarez
Student Union and Activities
 Nguyen  Pearson
Dee Nguyen
Hospitality Services
Michelle Pearson, Ph.D. 
Department of Design
 Ramachandran  Reese
Abi Ramachandran
TTUS Information Systems
Eric Reese, Ph.D. 
High Performance Computing
 Siwatu  Smith
Kamau Siwatu, Ph.D. 
College of Education
Christopher Smith, Ph.D. 
School of Music
 Stetson  Talley
Andrew J. Stetson, D.M.A.
School of Music
Amelia Talley, Ph.D. 
Psychological Sciences
 West  Winkler
Keith West, Ph.D. 
Heidi Winkler, MSIS
University Libraries

Office of the President