Texas Tech University

President's Mid-Career Faculty Award Guidelines


• This award is to acknowledge faculty, usually during the early to middle stage of their career, who have demonstrated a commitment to outstanding scholarship, teaching and engagement. Recipients of this award will be considered as some of the University's most gifted faculty members who continually serve as role models, a source of inspiration for students, and whose scholarship contributes to intellectual development, both on a statewide and a global level.


  • Professorial ranks:
    • Assistant, Associate and Full Professors
    • Full-time Adjuncts and full-time Instructors
    • Full-time Professors of Practice
    • Librarians and Archivists
  • Completed three years of service at Texas Tech University, considered no sooner than during the 4th year of service

Nomination/Selection Process:

  • Inclusive and conducted in each department as determined by the Dean of the college. Colleges are limited to two (2), nominee recommendations annually.
  • Required materials from the department to be sent forward to the Dean and forwarded to the Provost upon approval
    • Cover letter from Chair with approval of the Dean providing a brief summary of the nominee's achievements in meeting the award criterion (purpose) and the department's selection process
    • Dean’s rank order the nominees
    • Nominee’s current curriculum vitae
    • A list of any significant previous awards, separate from the CV
  • The timeline is established annually by a communication from the Provost.
  • College nominations are sent forward to the Provost as indicated in the annual communication. The Provost and President will confer and the President will make the final selection of up to (10) awardees.
  • Awardees will be announced and recognized during the Spring.
  • Units with awardee(s) may be requested to submit additional information as a part of the award recognition.


  • Up to 10 awards annually with a limit of one award per college annually
  • Award amount is $5,000 per individual for two consecutive years1
  • A check will be issued to the awardee on the 1st of the month after the announcement is made, with the second check being issued on the same date the following year.
  • Awards are based on nominee’s individual success in relation to the award criterion regardless of home department.
  • Should the award winner leave the university prior to funding of the award, the award shall be forfeited.

University Funding Pool to Sustain Award:

  •  One-half of the amounts to be awarded has been established by the President's office. Each year one-half of the amounts awarded ($2,500) to each awardee will be provided by this funding source.
  • The college(s) of the awardee(s) and the Office of the Provost will each be responsible for one-half of the remaining amount ($2,500) to each awardee for each of the two years. Therefore, the college and the Provost will each fund $1,250 for each awardee.

1 Less applicable employment tax withholding based on IRS regulations

Office of the President