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Wellness Funding: Administrative and Support Unit Terms



Administrative and Support Unit Wellbeing & Success Funding


Supported by the university's Institutional Enhancement funds for academic excellence, the Office of Faculty Success announces a one-time funding opportunity for administrative and support units that interact with and/or directly support academic excellence.  Funding may be requested for programming supporting unit employee wellbeing and success.

Details about the Wellbeing and Success funding opportunities are provided below.  Please direct any questions to Vice Provost for Faculty Success Genevieve Durham DeCesaro.

General Guidelines

  1. Proposed programming should be specific to needs articulated by or common among a unit's employees. Supervisors are encouraged to discuss this call with employees and to invite suggestions for and discussion about any proposed use of funds.
  2. Funds may be proposed for speaker fees, educational programming costs (e.g., workshops, trainings), travel (domestic only) to and from campus, lodging, and/or other costs associated with the proposed activity.  Funds may not be used for directly-purchased food (see page 2, item 6.b), gifts, or personal consumables.
  3. A single unit may request up to $15,000.
  4. Funded programs/activities must be completed by August 31, 2023. Funds may not be carried forward into FY 24.  Funding is not eligible for renewal.
  5. Units receiving funding are expected to participate in follow-up activities in the 2023-2024 academic year to assess the efficacy of the funded program(s) in supporting academic excellence by promoting employee wellbeing and success.

Submission and Review Procedures


Proposals must be completed using the Administrative and Support Unit Wellbeing and Success Programming Proposal Form. Each Proposal Form requires the following attached documents, all of which are detailed on the Form itself:

  1. A narrative description of the proposed program, including
    1. Objectives (purpose) of the program.
    2. Anticipated outcomes of the program.
    3. The program's alignment with promoting academic excellence by enhancing employee wellbeing/success in the unit.
    4. Expected timeline for the program or activity, including intended completion date.
  2. A proposed budget. Additional information follows:
    1. Non-TTU employees receiving payment must be set up with TTU as vendors.
    2. It is recommended that units working with vendors to deliver services solicit a single invoice from those vendors for the total cost of the programming/activity, including travel, lodging, and meals. For questions about this, please contact Vice Provost Genevieve Durham DeCesaro.
    3. Due to restrictions associated with state funds, funding cannot be used to directly purchase food or beverages, personal consumables, or gifts.
  3. Indication of support from Managing Director of all participating units, including ranking of proposal on a scale of 1-5 with 5 indicating the proposed program is highly likely to significantly benefit faculty, staff, and/or students.

Proposal Submission and Review:

  1. The deadline for submitting proposals is April 28th.
  2. Funding is limited and is not guaranteed.
  3. Proposals will be reviewed as they are submitted, through April 28, 2023.
  4. Selection for this award will be made based on the on the information submitted in the proposal and in accordance with Texas Tech University System Regulation 07.09.
  5. Awarded funds cannot carry forward into FY 24.
  6. Awarded funds cannot be renewed.
  7. All proposals will be reviewed to determine allowability of proposed expenditures.  The submitting unit will be notified if the proposal contains requests for unallowable expenditures.
  8. All proposals will be reviewed by the Provost's University Wellbeing Committee. Proposals recommended by that committee will be reviewed by the Managing Director of Human Resources.


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