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Mailbag: Building a Reputation

February 2, 2024

Mailbag: Building a Reputation

With our hibernation over, we’re hungry and back on the hunt.

Welcome back to Mailbag!

It's been a while since we had one of these little treats for your reading pleasure and for that we apologize sincerely. 

See, what had happened was…

Ok, we don't really have a good excuse other than we got busy working on other stuff and let the Mailbag suffer for a couple months while we figured it all out. 

You may have noticed our pretty new site, Texas Tech Now. That was part of what we were working on. We're still adding some bells and whistles for your enjoyment, but we're already proud of the upgrade.

When we launched the site back in November, our VP Matt shared a welcome message and laid out pretty clearly who and what we are. 

The other thing we were working on was a plan for using that pretty new site and all its features.

What stories do we want to tell? What's the best way to tell them? How can we help the university the most? 

These are all the questions we needed to answer. And, to be really real with you, those answers weren't the easiest to find. 

With so many wonderful stories to tell and so little time to tell them, we needed a lens to help narrow our focus. 

We found it in helping grow the university's academic reputation.

With the funding the university received from the Texas University Fund, we're in a transformational time for research at Texas Tech. The opportunities for growth and making an even greater impact on our community are seemingly limitless. 

In a town hall last week, the university's leadership shared a plan for how TUF funds will be used. They spoke of the potential impact on faculty, staff and resources and laid out a vision that includes chasing some incredibly lofty goals. 

At some point, we'll probably tell you all about those goals and visions. For now, it's probably best just to say we liked what we heard.  

In the coming months and years, we intend to chronicle that transformation and growth for you through the written word, photography, videography and audio productions.

Our goal is to help this university build its reputation as one of the very best academic institutions in the world. 

We think Texas Tech is up for the challenge, and so are we. 

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