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In the wake of the disastrous and monumentally catastrophic earthquake of magnitude 7.9 that struck the nation of Nepal on 25th April, the international community is mobilizing relief efforts in many key sectors of need. Despite this, aid is not reaching the affected regions fast enough as the death toll continues to rise, now mounting over 5,000.

Coordinated efforts ensuring that aid gets to the people directly must take place immediately. The Texas Tech community has launched this website in order to support fellow Nepali students and send aid as quickly as possible.

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For Immediate Release

April 27, 2015

Breedlove Foods to Respond to Earthquake Disaster in Nepal

On Saturday, April 25th, a powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, with a death toll at more than 3,000 and rising.

Breedlove has confirmed plans to send at least one 40-foot shipping container of their Harvest Lentil soup blend, a nutritious dehydrated food product. That container will provide 1,560 cases of food, which represents more than one MILLION servings of food.

There may be more shipped over later, but for now the focus is on getting one container delivered as quickly as possible. While still formulating the details of their response plan, Breedlove knows they will be collaborating efforts with one of their trusted distributing partner organizations, Evangelistic International Ministries (EIM), who has a orphanage in Kathmandu, feeding programs in the Himalayas, as well as other development programs. EIM will ensure the food gets distributed effectively to those who need it.

As plans develop over the next several days, Breedlove will be releasing more information.

Breedlove is accepting donations to be able to produce and ship the food to Nepal. As always, Breedlove greatly appreciates the outpouring of financial support it receives from the Lubbock community.

Donations can be brought in to the offices or mailed to 1818 N. Martin Luther King,

Blvd. Lubbock, TX 79403. Or call 806-741-0404 or donate online at

For more information or to arrange interviews contact:

David Hankins
Director, Donor Development, Marketing & Public Relations
806-319-3468 mobile

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund)

  • Efforts and measured need - Need Report
  • There’s estimated to be almost 1 million children in the affected areas and they are in need of assistance as food/water and shelter is limited.
  • “UNICEF is mobilizing staff and emergency supplies to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of children affected by the earthquake, focusing on water and sanitation, nutrition, education and child protection. UNICEF is already supporting tankering of water and provision of oral rehydration salts and zinc supplements to people gathered in informal settlements, and providing tents for field medical facilities, using supplies already prepositioned in the country.
  • UNICEF is also readying two cargo flights with a combined 120 tonnes of humanitarian supplies including medical and hospital supplies, tents and blankets, for urgent airlift to Kathmandu”(
  • For donation, you can visit: Donate to Unicef

Red Cross Nepal

Significant presence in Nepal with the Nepal Red Cross

Red Cross on the Ground

“The Nepal Red Cross is providing first aid, search and rescue, blood to medical facilities in the capital and support to first responders. The NRCS has extensive experience in responding to natural disasters and plays a leading role in the government’s contingency plan.

The Red Cross has approximately 19,000 non-food relief kits available in Nepal which include clothing, kitchen sets, tarpaulins, mosquito nets, and personal hygiene items. Nearly 1,200 tarpaulins have already been distributed to displaced families and the Red Cross is activating its logistics systems in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai to mobilize additional relief materials in the coming days”(

For donation, you can visit: Donate To Red Cross Nepal

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