Web Site Publishing

Acquiring Web Space

Official University entities and student organizations may request web hosting from Texas Tech University by submitting a Department/Organization Web Hosting Account Application.

Requesting a Web Site Name

Web Site Names, such as http://www.mysite.ttu.edu/, can be requested by your department's Network Site Coordinator (NSC) through the process detailed on the NSC web site.  For more information, Please contact IT Help Central at ithelpcentral@ttu.edu or (806) 742-4375.

Registration of Web Site Content Owner

All web content owners must register their web site with the TTU IT Division. Please contact IT TeamWeb for more information.

Content Management System

As a service to the Texas Tech University content owners, the IT Division provides support and training on a content management system (CMS) for web authoring. Content management allows authors to easily update the content on their web pages without the need for in-depth web programming knowledge.
Find out more information on OmniUpdate, the University's content management system.

Template Designs

In collaboration with the Office of Communications and Marketing, the TTU Information Technology Division has implemented responsive templates for Web use. These templates integrate official Texas Tech identity attributes and elements into a framework that is appropriate for different content types. They are coded with XHTML using external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that incorporate the TTU color palette and fonts. This simplifies the process of creating new sites and pages or converting your current site to our new look. Each of our templates create fully standards-compliant Web pages that keep the content accessible to every visitor.

Only sites  maintained using the university approved CMS will be able to use the updated templates implemented by the TTU IT Division and Communication & Marketing.

For more information on templates, contact IT TeamWeb.

View available templates and example pages »

For more information about the appropriate usage of the University templates, contact IT TeamWeb.

Editable/Customizable Template Components

Each template has several components available for customization. These areas include:

  • Primary content area
  • Area-specific site menu
  • Area-specific contact information

Listing your site on TTU.EDU

All official University entity web sites and currently registered student organizations may be linked to on the TTU.EDU web site. This listing includes, but is not limited to:

  • University A-Z Listing
  • Centers & Institutes
  • Student Organizations
  • Other Organizations

Official Web Resources

For a departmental web site to be listed on TTU.EDU, it must comply with these publishing guidelines, including using the official web template.  Otherwise, a generic page will be used as the official departmental landing page.  All visitors will be redirected from there.

Unofficial Web Resources

For a student organization web site to be listed on the TTU Student Organizations list, a Student Organization must be officially registered with Student Union and Activities. Requests may only be submitted by the the currently registered organization contact or advisor.

Sponsored Links

Sponsored links are website links displayed and highlighted at the top of the TTU search results page, when you conduct a keyword search on the TTU website. This feature will let TTU emphasize specific web pages, to improve the likelihood that site visitors will quickly find the most relevant information first. Sponsored links and prioritization of sponsored links are determined by the Office of Communications & Marketing.

For more information on Sponsored links contact IT TeamWeb.

Pre-flight Checklist: Is your site ready to go live?

Print out this Pre-flight Checklist for a quick go/no-go assessment of your web resource before going live.