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Believe in IE (institutional Effectiveness)

Progress Portal: Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness Mission

The Institutional Effectiveness team at Texas Tech strives to support the administration, faculty and staff in their efforts to continuously improve in order to enhance the success of our students and achieve the mission of Texas Tech.

Goals & Objectives

  • To provide centralized oversight and assistance to all TTU academic and non-academic units with annual feedback regarding assessment and evaluation of continuous improvement efforts
  • To provide administrative leadership with institutional research and data management that supports institutional planning, policy formulation, and decision making.
  • To provide centralized oversight that coordinates compliance with external governing and accrediting bodies.

Continuous Improvement Framework and Templates

Texas Tech University (TTU) uses a continuous improvement framework that relies extensively on providing multiple forms of feedback to faculty, staff, and administrators. Feedback is provided on assessment methodologies and faculty data compliance in a manner that promotes systematic grown, responsive accountability, and collaboration. We are committed to following an annual five-step process of 1) identifying goals; 2) determining the most effective methods for measuring and determining targets for those goals; 3) reporting qualitative and quantitative data related to the identified methods of assessment; 4) identifying reasonable and actionable steps for making improvements, and 5) reporting back what steps were taken to complete the previously identified actions for improvement.

Texas Tech University Continuous Improvement Framework:

  • Systematic Growth
  • Responsive Accountability
  • Collaboration

Assessment Committees

The Office of Planning & Assessment leads the University-Level IE Committee and the University-Level Support Service Level Committee. These committees work independently of each other, yet their missions are similar in scope. The University-Level IE Committee is tasked with primarily academic institutional effectiveness-related matters, and the University-Level Support Service Level Committee works to promote continuous improvement in the support service operations of the university.

Assessment Stories and Highlights

The Office of Planning & Assessment is committed to sharing and disseminating information about good work that assessment leaders on campus do on behalf of their faculty and staff. Every semester, OPA names an "Assessment Spotlight" individual who takes extraordinary measures on behalf of student learning assessment, Additionally, the Office of Planning & Assessment also supports the Office of Provost's annual Institutional Effectiveness Award, which is a $5,000 prize awarded to an academic department that demonstrates its commitment to continuous improvement.

Progress Portal: Institutional Effectiveness