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Saddle Tramps

Saddle TrampsFormed by Tech student Arch Lamb in 1936, this all-male booster organization supports men's athletics at Texas Tech. The name Saddle Tramp came from the stories of traveling men who would come to a farm for a brief time, fix up some things and move on. Lamb said he decided that he could fix up some things himself before moving on, and the Saddle Tramps were born. Since that time the Saddle Tramps believe if something was for the betterment of Texas Tech then they would work at it.

These Midnight Raiders "paint the campus red" with crepe paper before big home games, form the legendary "Bell Circle" moments before kickoff, ring Bangin' Bertha, participate in parades and other campus events (including the Carol of Lights), and ring the Victory Bells after Red Raider victories.


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