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SINCE TEXAS TECH'S FIRST GRADUATION in the spring of 1927, thousands of students have proudly completed undergraduate and graduate degrees and transitioned into positions of service and responsibility in the region, state, nation and world. Among these are former governors, astronauts, noted authors, Broadway stars, acclaimed teachers at all levels and highly successful entrepreneurs, agronomists, scientists, professional athletes, physicians, attorneys and other prominent professionals. Not all graduates achieve fame and fortune in equal measure, of course, but every one of them points with pride to the solid academic preparation they received and the personal connections they made as Red Raiders. From the very beginning, Texas Tech provided a foundation for success that is without parallel.

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Featured Alumni

Helen verDuin Palit, Founder of City Harvest, America Harvest, Angel Harvest, Aloha Harvest Bachelor of Science/Sociology, 1978

Helen verDuin Palit

There are angels in America, at least if you count Helen verDuin Palit, who pioneered the concept of harvesting good food from all components of the food industry to reduce the waste of good food while delivering this food directly to the local social service agencies feeding the hungry men, women and children for...


Faculty Profiles

Texas Tech is proud to boast of one of the finest and most diverse faculties in the nation. Although all their stories cannot be told in this space, read to learn about a few who set the tone for academic excellence on our campus.

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Featured Faculty Member

Assistant Professor Christopher J. Smith, School of Music, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Assistant Professor Christopher J. Smith

Christopher J. Smith's fascination with the power of live music started in the coffee houses of Boston. As a 13-year old, he spent his free time immersed in the late 1960s folk music revival. During one memorable summer, he was a regular in the coffee houses, listening for hours to traditional Irish music and Mississippi Delta blues - both played live and often in the same room. "This completely rocked my world," he said in a recent interview. "I have been very dedicated to the study and performance of various traditional musics ever...