Technology Buzz Words

Critical Updates

Windows Users

Required by computers to keep your system secure and up-to-date

Mac users

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

Enacted in 1998 to update copyright law to encompass the growing use of computers and the Internet


Your TTU electronic identification; a single username and password allowing you to use email, access Raiderlink, enroll in computer training, download software, and many other campus technology services


One-to-one Internet connection used to share files; often involving the use of file-sharing programs; sharing copyrighted material is illegal


Your online campus connection; connects you to search engines, student administration information, Transportation & Parking Services, weather, and much more


Is a module in Raiderlink that allows you to save your files through the Internet to a network drive; accessible from any computer with Internet access
More information on RaiderDrive


Your Texas Tech e-mail; used for official university correspondence


computer program that can reproduce by changing other programs to include a copy of itself; can distribute itself through e-mail or by download
Symantec AntiVirus is available through eRaider.


Connection to the Internet using a wireless card; often seen in laptops and PDAs


Connecting your computer from outside campus

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