Design Requirements

Identity Guidelines

The Identity Guidelines were established to bring consistency and greater visibility to the marketing and communication efforts of Texas Tech University.

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Our official Texas Tech typefaces are Charter and Helvetica Neue, but styles have been written to automatically format attractive, readable headers and paragraphs.


Primary Web Palette

Texas Tech Red and Texas Tech Black are our official colors and the primary palette we use to represent Texas Tech University, complimentary shades of gray and red are used to complete our new Web templates.

Texas Tech Red


Texas Tech Black



TTU Light Gray


TTU Gray


TTU Dark Red



Secondary Web Palette

Our secondary palette is a complementary set of colors to enhance your pages, but should never replace or dominate our primary colors.



TTU Cream


TTU Dark Gray




 Texas Tech maintains a large library of digital images. Stock photos of commencement, academic activities and other events are regularly taken by our staff photographers. To make a photo request, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at (806) 742-2136.

 Web use of photographs and graphic images must comply with U.S. copyright and trademark laws with permission of the creator/owner. Releases must be obtained from all models granting permission for the specific terms of use. Download the current Photo/Testimonial Release Form.

Required Web Components

University-provided footer

The official footer includes, but is not limited to:

  • Links required by TAC §206, State Web Sites,
  • Links required by University policies, and
  • Declaration that the page is part of the Texas Tech University System.
  • Date published or last updated.

Centralized Style Sheet

All areas utilizing the official TTU template must link to a centralized style sheet. This will help to ensure a consistent experience across all web sites, and help to facilitate future changes to the template design.

Additional style sheets are permitted on web sites, under the following conditions:

  • Styles must not overwrite or change template fonts, text sizes, or text colors
  • Remove or change required template elements

Visit the TTU Style Guide for more information.