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Foundations: Episode 2

December 22, 2023

Foundations: Episode 2

In the second episode of our roundtable show, panelists take on the topic of One Health and what it means in rural America.

Nothing comes easy in rural America.

In Episode 1 of Foundations, we brought together a group of experts to discuss water, one of our most precious natural resources. 

Episode 2 dives into a new topic, but one with as much impact and importance. 

As healthcare centers continue to close in rural areas, and access to affordable nutritious food becomes a greater concern, we're looking into One Health

It's a concept that explores human, animal and environmental factors to search for answers to some of our most pressing questions about health. 

We brought together a group from across multiple Texas Tech University campuses, along with an award-winning journalist, to talk about what they've seen in their careers, found through their research, or learned via personal experiences. 

The cast includes:

·       Adrian Billings, M.D. and faculty member at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

·       Babafela Awosile, D.V.M. and faculty member of Texas Tech University's School of Veterinary Medicine 

·       Kelly Williams, Ph.D. in clinical psychology and a professor of psychological health at the School of Veterinary Medicine

·       Andrew Shin, Ph.D. in neuroscience and director of the Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Facility

·       Steven Presley, Ph.D. in entomology and director of The Institute of Environmental and Human Health

·       Jayme Lozano Carver, an award-winning journalist from the Texas Tribune 

The episode covers everything from dietary concerns to the prohibitive cost of medical training. 

In a world where solutions are sometimes hard to come by and problems continue to mount, this group lays out the ways Texas Tech and the Texas Tech University System are trying to help, and why the One Health initiative is taking a front seat. 

Their conversation is one of concern for rural America and hope for the next generation. 

It is our hope that you find their discussion entertaining, informative and galvanizing. 

This is Foundations, where we're inspiring conversations.

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