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Meet Camp L.E.A.D.ers

Camp L.E.A.D. is directed by Rex Oliver and is comprised of individuals from the Texas Tech and Lubbock communities. Assisting the camp director is a team of support staff. Get to know Camp L.E.A.D.'s leadership team by viewing their profiles below. For additional information, contact contact Camp L.E.A.D. or Rex Oliver at (214) 630-8324.

Leadership and Administrative Team

Rex Oliver
Camp L.E.A.D. Director / Dallas Regional Center Manager
Hometown: Lampasas, Texas
Major while at Texas Tech: Undergraduate: Agricultural Communications Graduate: Interdisciplinary Studies
Contact info: (214) 630-8324

Jessica Cravens
Camp L.E.A.D. Assistant Director / Visitors Center Supervisor
Hometown: Carrollton, TX
Major while at Texas Tech: Public Relations
Contact info: (806) 742-1299

Forrest Stovall
Camp L.E.A.D. Assistant Director/Senior Admissions Counselor
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Major while at Texas Tech: Technical Communication
Contact info: (806) 742-1299

In addition to the program's leadership and administrative staff, Camp L.E.A.D. has several current Texas Tech students who serve as group leaders. Group leaders assist in a variety of tasks ranging from leading the camp teams and activities to helping excite and chaperone participants.