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FALL 2002

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This book includes research and commentary on cases, statutes and materials which address the legal issues which arise in the context of bioterrorism and homeland and national security. The book begins with an examination of the history of law and bioterrorism and includes foundation cases as well as those decided under new federal criminal statutes which were specifically constructed to address the threat of bioterrorism. Next, an examination of the issues of federalism in a public health context, and the problems with the current federal intragovernmental organization and intergovernmental relationship is examined, followed by an analysis of the role of states in public health law and and civil rights interests in a biological attack context. The quarantine laws, vaccination powers and liabilities are also examined and the proposed model public health emergency powers act is examined. International perspectives and private sector concerns are separate chapters. Finally, the casebook concludes with consideration of the future of the new legal framework for addressing the new bioterrorism threat and homeland security.

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