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Important Notices

General Information

  • Face masks or appropriate face coverings are to be worn at all times inside all including dining facilities: Campus Face Covering Policy & Exemptions. Masks may be removed only when guests are seated and eating. If guests move about a dining facility for any reason, a mask or appropriate face covering must be worn.
  • A 6-foot physical distancing policy will be in place, wherever feasible, with floor guides serving as reminders throughout our locations. Plexiglas barriers are being installed in areas throughout dining locations for the safety of everyone. Where possible, dining room seating will be configured to promote physical distancing and in conjunction with current capacity guidelines.
  • Hand-sanitizing stations have been added by all entry doors and will be readily available in high-traffic areas and with a visible presence.
  • Hospitality Services will use only disposable plate ware, and all silverware will be limited to disposable and dispensing stations only.
  • Hospitality Services has removed all self-serve food stations, bars, and condiment areas and all food items will be served directly to the customer.
  • Condiments such as salt and pepper have been removed from the tables and will be available as prepackaged only.
  • All Grab 'n' Go food and other items such as straws will be individually wrapped for safety.

Dining Halls

  • Hospitality Services will have the majority of campus dining locations open and serving Red Raiders this Fall. All locations are subject to change based off staffing levels.
  • Where available, Hospitality Services dining locations will feature limited seating that follows state and local guidelines to ensure safety. As those guidelines change, they will be applied to dining locations.
  • Mobile Ordering food options for pickup will still be the preferred method of ordering from dining locations as a way to reduce touch points and to promote safety.

Ordering Innovations

  • Hospitality Services continues to enhance the guest experience and safety through technology. The department will continue efforts to move toward more contactless options that eliminate and reduces the person-to-person contact, as well as the need for waiting in line to order and pay.
  • Mobile Food Ordering: Customers are strongly encouraged to download the Transact Mobile Ordering App for food ordering and payment. The department continues to transition all menus to the app and we will also increase the use of order kiosks for those who wish to order at the location or cannot utilize the app.
  • Cash Handling and Acceptance: Handling cash has been identified as a potential contact hazard for COVID-19. Hospitality Services has identified areas where little to no cash is received, and in those operations, no cash will be accepted. Hospitality Services highly encourages our campus community to strongly consider a Faculty/Staff or Commuter Dining Plan to assist in maintaining a safe environment.


  • All Hospitality Services locations have undergone a deep and extensive sanitation process of all production, serving areas, and high-traffic areas.
  • Hospitality Services continues to execute increased and enhanced routine cleaning, based on CDC guidelines, with a focus on high-touch surfaces in common and high traffic areas.
  • All Hospitality Services employees continue to receive on-going COVID-19 safety and facility sanitation protocols training.
  • Hospitality Services will have dedicated staff who will ensure the frequency of the cleaning and sanitizing of these high traffic areas, during hours of operation using proven cleaning products following Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for coronaviruses, bacteria, and other infectious pathogens.
  • The department has also increased the frequency of employee handwashing and changing of gloves between tasks.
  • Electrostatic sprayers have been added and will be used in many large areas to apply disinfectant more efficiently and during down-times.
  • Hand-sanitizing stations have been added by all entry doors and will be readily available in high-traffic areas and with a visible presence. Signage will continue to be available to guide and remind employees and customers of the importance of proper hand-washing protocols and sanitizing.

Employee Screening

  • Hospitality Services has implemented employee-screening measures to assess signs and symptoms of infection.
  • Employees are currently and will continue to go through temperature checks before entering the locations.
  • Hospitality Services is scheduling employees in teams so that if one employee gets sick and is diagnosed with COVID-19, the department can pull the entire crew to minimize exposure to other employees and guests.