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COVID-19 Vaccine

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Vaccine Distribution

Texas Tech University has applied and been approved to serve as a location for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution in later phases. Distribution of this vaccine on campus will be limited to current faculty, staff and students and not the general Lubbock community. We cannot vaccinate family members of students, faculty, or staff.

The timeline as to when we will receive shipments of the vaccine is unclear, but we remain hopeful that we will receive them sometime this spring.

Online Appointment System

Beginning Friday, January 15, current students, faculty, and staff can use the following link to submit their vaccination request. Please note that we will only be able to accommodate current students, faculty, and staff. Spouses, family members and university retirees must make their own vaccination arrangements.

Planning Committee

A campus vaccine distribution planning committee has been formed and is being co-chaired by Chris Miles, Emergency Management Director, and Vickie Sutton, Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Biodefense, Law and Public Policy. The committee features representation from the Faculty and Staff Senates, Student Government Association, Operations, Housing, Student Health Services, General Counsel, Procurement, Diversity & Inclusion and the Office of the Provost.

The role of this committee is to plan and coordinate the vaccine distribution process once shipments arrive. Once the committee has additional information to share, this webpage will be updated, and information will be distributed via email and through the university's social media channels.

Questions and Concerns

We understand that students, faculty, and staff have questions about the current distribution process and the allocated phases. If you believe that you are eligible to receive the vaccine now, please contact your primary care physician or the City of Lubbock Health Department for guidance. Texas Tech does not have any input on who qualifies to receive the vaccine in each of the allocated phases, as that is the responsibility of the state and federal government.

Important Links from Texas Department of Health

Vaccine distribution is allocated by state governments with input from the federal government and the CDC. Since the State of Texas is responsible for distribution of the vaccine in Texas, the information that is provided here comes from the state and not the CDC.

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