Texas Tech University

Minors on Campus

The State of Texas and Texas Tech University are committed to providing a safe and educationally enriching environment for all guests and participants of camps or programs held on University property. In response to The Texas Safe Camp Act,  §51.976 of the Texas Education Code  and §265.401-404 of the Texas Administrative Code, Texas Tech University adopted  Operating Policy 10.19  requiring directors, of any program(s) for minors held on campus, to ensure those having contact with minors are properly trained to be aware of and prevent sexual abuse and child molestation. 

Texas Tech University has partnered with College of Education Professor Dr. Charles Crews, and his wife Camille Frost-Crews, to provide in-person training and ensure proper awareness and prevention training is readily available for all students, faculty, and staff. In addition, online training is available for current Texas Tech faculty and staff through Cornerstone

In addition to sexual abuse and child molestation prevention training, camp directors should ensure they comply with The Campus Carry Act, §411.2031 of the Texas Government Code, and Operating Policy 10.22 by requesting a campus carry exclusion zone for any area where minors will be participating in a University sponsored program or activity and an exclusion zone does not already exist.

The "Minors on Campus" Minors on Campus website serves as a resource to anyone with questions about how to comply with the laws, rules, and regulations regarding campus programs for minors held on Texas Tech University's property. If you have any questions about campus programs for minors, please contact us at: minorsoncampus@ttu.edu.

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