Texas Tech University

Cluster Hires

The Office of the President is pleased to invite proposals and to provide financial resources for new faculty lines in order to make 3-4 cluster hires this year, with each cluster consisting of 3-4 faculty members. An expected outcome of this initiative is that such hires would contribute towards Texas Tech University’s enhanced preeminence by complementing existing strengths in certain areas of research or scholarship consistent with our ambitions to achieve the characteristics of AAU status or Carnegie Very High Research Classification.

It is expected that a cluster would consist of faculty with appointments in different departments either within a single college or between several colleges. Again, a cluster can be developed around an existing strength. Clusters should be interdisciplinary, but with a thematic focus that addresses a strategic research area. The proposal may include faculty with adjunct appointments at the HSC.

The application should consist of a vision statement outlining what is to be achieved with the cluster hires that could not be achieved with conventional hiring by a department or college. Explain how the cluster of three to four faculty members would expand research capacity and enhance capability to address fundamental and/or applied questions of national importance by bringing a crosscutting perspective to a core area of strength. Indicate the expected benchmarks that would be achieved with the hires (e.g. Research expenditures, scholarly publications, graduate student mentoring, etc).

Additional components of the application should address:

  • Existing faculty that will be part of the cluster and a plan for how the faculty members in the cluster will be administered.
  • Space availability and needs
  • Anticipated start-up
  • Graduate students or post-docs required
  • Special equipment needs
  • Evidence of pre-existing research/scholarly interaction (publications, grants etc.)
  • How the cluster addresses teaching and research needs
  • Relevant credentials and evidence of existing interactions of cluster members

Download the application form.

We look forward to seeing many proposals come forward with this initiative. Applications signed by respective chairs and deans should be submitted to techpres@ttu.edu by close of business October 18, 2013. Applications will be reviewed by the President, the Provost, the Vice President for Research, and two representatives from the faculty. Notification of decisions will be made by November 1, 2013.

Office of the President