Texas Tech University

Degrees of Impact

Researcher Leading Effort To Increase Marbling In Beef Without Increasing Overall Fatness

Brad Johnson in the Department of Animal & Food Sciences received a USDA grant to investigate how activating a receptor makes for healthier beef.

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Researcher Develops Method To Prevent, Even Reverse Obesity

Shu Wang is using a plant-based compound to burn off extra fat.

Led By The Arts, Texas Tech Establishes Multidisciplinary Research Lab

The lab includes researchers from the Texas Tech University System and several other institutions and was made possible by a cooperative agreement award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Message from the President

Something powerful happens every day at Texas Tech.

It reaches far beyond our Texas roots. Our outstanding programs and faculty turn students' passions into pathways to create the future with meaningful results. It's why Texas Tech graduates are often recognized for making lasting change in industries, communities, countries, and even day-to- day life around the globe. Those are the degrees of impact you make when you're a Red Raider.

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