Overview of Services

ATLC Information Desk

Trained student assistants are available at the ATLC Information Desk, located across from the Open Access Area, during all hours of operation. Software and other material for use in the ATLC labs may be checked out – with a valid University ID – from the student assistants at the Information Desk; however, most software is already on the ATLC's computer systems.

IT Help Central

IT Help Central is an excellent customer service tool that provides Texas Tech University students, faculty, and staff with a friendly "front line" by which to meet their technology support needs. It is the "single-ramp" for the Information Technology Division at Texas Tech. If you need any assistance regarding a technology issue, IT Help Central will do their best to assist you or help you reach the appropriate support area.

Frequently-asked questions and answers, IT Help Central Knowledge Base solutions, instructions, hours of operation, etc., can be found easily at the IT Help Central Web site. Immediate assistance and more involved issues can be resolved by calling IT Help Central at 806-742-HELP (4357).

Lab Reservations

Technology Support operates several computing labs throughout campus. Two of the PC labs and the Macintosh Lab in the ATLC Main Facility can be reserved by Texas Tech faculty or staff for use during the semester.

Reserve a Lab

Software/Site License

Texas Tech has agreements with some software vendors that allow us to distribute software to our users at greatly reduced prices. The contract that we sign with each vendor specifies who can use their software (students, faculty/staff, remote campuses, etc.)

Support Equipment/Training Aids

Equipment, including large-screen projectors and overhead projectors, are available for instructors to use in the ATLC labs. Labs must be reserved for use.

Technology Support Consultants

Technology Support has several staff members who consult on a variety of problems. If a user has read the available documentation on a topic, consulted with the trained student assistants at the Information Desk, and is still having difficulties, he/she should contact the staff of the Information Technology Help Desk at 742-HELP. If the Help Desk is unable to remedy the problem, they will refer the problem to one of the Technology Support consultants, who will contact the user.


Computer-based Training (CBT)

As the pace of change in the technology arena continues to increase, one of the challenges faced is keeping up the skill level of faculty, staff, and students. With support and assistance from Extended Learning and the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center (TLTC), Technology Support acquired CBT Systems training software to help meet this challenge. It is no longer necessary to feel like a small fish in the big "IT" ocean. Users need only tap into this gold mine for the hottest thing going in training.

A large number of training modules are available. The training is Web-based (interactive) and self-paced. The modules include titles such as Microsoft Office (including the XP series), Internet-related titles, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft NT, UNIX, Power Builder, SAP, Microsoft Visual Basic, and C/C++.

These software titles may only be used by TTU faculty, staff, and students. Use of the CBT training is free. The first time you visit, you will need to log-in (you can use the same password as your eRaider account). You will have a plug-in to download, which will allow you to use the site anytime.


Technology Support offers training in the form of shortcourses on both operating systems and software that is available for use in the ATLC. Shortcourses are non-credit training sessions usually taught in a hands-on format. These courses are available each semester, including both summer sessions. Schedules and course descriptions may be obtained at the ATLC Receptionist's Desk or you can go to the Shortcourse site on the Technology Support Web site.

Advance registration is required, but there is no charge for the classes.