Texas Tech University

Major Projects - Highlights

The Institutional Effectiveness area has a strategic role in providing TTU leaders with critical information necessary to measure, evaluate, communicate, and enhance the mission of the institutional in all aspects of institutional life.

We are working to optimize the collection of deployed technologies and leverage vendor partnerships to provide robust tools and analytics for TTU. The following table provides highlights of major projects that are ongoing.

Department Strategic Priority Project Update Estimated Completion Date
Continuing Education Tracking and Assessment Solution Selection Evaluated Ellucian Elevate as a possible product solution, and convening faculty groups to assess the assessment and tracking value. August 2015
IR, Student Affairs, Undergraduate Education 1 Student Success Collaborative - EAB
  • Implemented academic advisory workbooks
  • Establishing initial assessment process
  • Identifying opportunities and resources for at risk students
  • Working on a comprehensive accountability and assessment plan
August 2018
ADS 1 Streamline services for Brazilian students
  • Evaluating providing access to a baseline set of TTU resources
  • Completed initial assessment; working on authentication and identity processes
August 2015
IR, ADS, OPA, TS 2 Faculty Effectiveness Assessment
  • Implementing EAB Benchmarking
  • Participation in Academic Analytics consulting services and assessment; first data sent
  • Site visit planned to review initial findings
December 2015
IR, ADS, OPA, SDS 2 Online course evaluation system
  • Collaborative faculty, student, and staff group selecting products based on RFP
  • Conducting institution interviews
  • Next step is product selection and timeline derivation
December 2015
IR 2 College Metrics – Department Level
  • Completed initial prototype options and making adjustments
  • Working to establish timeline
September 2015
IR, OPA, TS 2 Core Curriculum Assessment
  • Implementing data integration for year one pilot
  • Completed initial training and data integration review
May 2016
TS, ADS, VPR, IMMAPS 3 Personal Health Data – Data Collection and Assessment Options for Researchers
  • Negotiated agreement with TTUHSC to house data systems on TTUHSC network
  • Deployed RedCap data collection and reporting solution
  • Final deployment in process
June 2015
IR, VPR, IRB, ADS 3 Student Global Consent1 Working collaboratively to explore a means of obtaining student consent to be solicited for research at orientation. December 2016
ADS 4 Institutional Advancement – Alumni Data Portal
  • Working with IA to streamline presidential access to alumni data
  • Next step is testing access
July 2015
IR, ADS, OPA, Student Affairs, Undergraduate Education 4 Outreach and Engagement Assessment
  • Evaluating tools and processes to improve data quality
  • Completed recommendation and working on possible solutions
August 2015
IR 5
Resource Efficiency Evaluating institutional effectiveness and efficient use of resources – EAB Academic  Benchmarking deployment and analysis September 2015
IR, ADS, OPA, TS 5 Strategic Priority Assessment and Feedback
  • Integrating multiple data sources with Digital Measures to improve data and streamline feedback
  • Beta testing the Ellucian Perform platform as a portal
May 2016
IR, OPA, ASFR, ADS 5 Evaluation of Advanced Analytics Tools and Platforms
  • Inventoried all software tools
  • Evaluating opportunities for integration
  • Next step is put together a plan for eliminating redundancy
December 2015

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