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Wyman Meinzer

Wildlife Photographer
Bachelor of Science/Wildlife Management, 1974

 Wyman  Meinzer

From the endless horizons of Lubbock, Wyman Meinzer launched a career as a wildlife photographer after earning his bachelor's degree at Texas Tech. His photographs have appeared in Time, Newsweek, Field and Stream, National Geographic and many other national publications.

Wyman has also published 19 books of his award-winning photography and was named the 1997 "State Photographer of Texas" by Governor George W. Bush. Wyman credits Texas Tech professors with allowing him "to prove to myself that my talent lay dormant within." These faculty members also helped him set goals to achieve what he then considered a far-flung dream. Today, he also teaches photography at Texas Tech. He encourages students looking for "an open-minded and energetic approach to education" to give Texas Tech a chance.