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Professor Dominick Casadonte

Chairman of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, College of Arts and Sciences

Professor Dominick  Casadonte

Playing the kazoo and the trombone, working with Habitat for Humanity and making stained glass are just a few of the hobbies Dominick Casadonte enjoys when he isn't sharing his passion for chemistry with students.

A humanitarian to the end, Casadonte's happiest moments are when he sees that his efforts have bettered the lives of others. From a student's 'ah ha' moment to getting a homeless person off the street, Casadonte's happiness and goodwill rub off on everyone he meets.

Casadonte has been teaching at Texas Tech since 1989 and is currently chairman of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He enjoys teaching because he likes the freshness of the students, their inquisitiveness and the fact that they are eager to learn. He also says the faculty and administration are friendly and helpful, which creates a nice community atmosphere. Casadonte plans on staying at Texas Tech for many years.

"My plans for the future are right now inextricably tied up with the plans for the future of the department," Casadonte says. "One of our stated goals is to move the chemistry department into the top 50 in the country."

In order to accomplish this goal, the department has formed an advisory council composed of successful members of the field; and with the exception of one or two, all the members of the council are graduates of Texas Tech.

"We are doing exciting things here," Casadonte says. "When we use the university slogan 'from here it's possible,' we really mean it. You can do incredible things with a chemistry or biochemistry degree from Texas Tech."