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Associate Professor Ann Graham

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Associate Professor Ann  Graham

When Ann Graham was growing up in the small Texan town of Breckenridge, her parents - both of whom were educators - hoped that she would also enter the teaching profession. Instead, Graham became an attorney, specializing in banking and commercial law.

"I really credit Tech with a great undergraduate preparation for a major national law school - it was a wonderful foundation," she says. Graham has particularly fond memories of her time spent in the Honors Program (now known as the Honors College). "I learned how to think about issues in depth," she says.

Graham received her J.D. from the University of Virginia and later went back to the University of Texas for an MBA. Her career includes real-world experience that is priceless for aspiring attorneys: she was a litigator for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Washington, D.C. and later named FDIC's Regional Counsel. Graham was also appointed General Counsel to the Texas Department of Banking, and worked in private law firm practice in the nation's capital.

In May 2004, the dream of Graham's parents finally became a reality: Texas Tech's Law School lured Graham back to Lubbock for a position as Associate Professor. "What my parents wanted for me for so long has now become true," she says. Graham teaches banking and commercial law, corporate governance and business analysis.

In talking with Graham one senses that this is a woman who is proud of her accomplishments - but certainly not boastful. She sees part of her job as a teacher to be a role model for students at Texas Tech. Graham is also very proud of the fact that she was able to raise four children while pursuing her career. "I was the first woman in many of the legal positions I held," she says. "Although the world has changed substantially, I find that many female law students are still concerned about juggling career and family."