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Associate Professor Yuan Shu

Department of English and Director of the Comparative Literature Program, College of Arts and Sciences

Associate Professor Yuan  Shu

More than 7,000 miles away from his current home in Lubbock, Texas, Yuan Shu grew up in Nanjing, China, where he first developed his love for learning and thirst for knowledge.

Sharing His Passion

Shu may teach English at Texas Tech, but his true passion is studying the diversity of the Asian and American communities. He is especially fascinated with observing how the two cultures affect and interact with each other. He incorporates this passion into the classroom through a variety of books he assigns his students to read.

"Two of the books I like to have my students read are Tim O'Brien's 'The Things They Carried,' and Bao Ninh's 'The Sorrow of War,'" Shu says.

These novels in particular offer opposing view points about the same subject: the Vietnam War. Students can better understand the diversity of the cultures and how the war affected each of them after reading these books.

A Love for Texas Tech

Shu enjoys working at Texas Tech for several reasons, but two of his favorite things about the university are the intellectual community and the English faculty here.

"Colleagues are very supportive, they are interested in the research you are doing as well as how you are doing," Shu says.

He also says he enjoys being involved with the students and seeing them achieve their goals in life.

"My proudest accomplishments are when I see my students successfully complete their degree requirements, get good jobs or pursue advanced degrees in professional schools, and when I see my own work in print," Shu says.

Shu, an associate professor in the Texas Tech English department and director of the Comparative Literature Program came to the United States in the early 1990s. He earned a combined Ph.D. in English and American Studies from Indiana University in 1999, and after graduating, began working at Texas Tech where he has remained for the last six years.