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Texas Tech is proud to boast of one of the finest and most diverse faculties in the nation. Although all their stories cannot be told in this space, read to learn about a few who set the tone for academic excellence on our campus.

Paul Whitfield Horn Professor Stefan K. Estreicher

Paul Whitfield Horn Professor Stefan K. Estreicher

Department of Physics, College of Arts and Sciences

"You are only as good as your next paper" defines Stefan Estreicher's commitment to the future and to his research.

Originally from Switzerland, Estreicher earned his doctorate from the University of Zürich in 1982 before moving to the United States in 1983.... more»

Professor Dominick  Casadonte

Professor Dominick Casadonte

Chairman of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, College of Arts and Sciences

Playing the kazoo and the trombone, working with Habitat for Humanity and making stained glass are just a few of the hobbies Dominick Casadonte enjoys when he isn't sharing his passion for chemistry with... more»

Assistant Professor Aliza  Wong

Assistant Professor Aliza Wong

Department of History, College of Arts and Sciences

Like most young children, Aliza Wong's dreams changed more than once. At age 5, she wanted to be a hairdresser. This dream transformed into studying medicine when she decided to become a doctor. But she never dreamed that she would, one day, move from her childhood home in Portland, Oregon, to teach history in West... more»

Associate Professor Yuan  Shu

Associate Professor Yuan Shu

Department of English and Director of the Comparative Literature Program, College of Arts and Sciences

More than 7,000 miles away from his current home in Lubbock, Texas, Yuan Shu grew up in Nanjing, China, where he first developed his love for learning and thirst for... more»

Assistant Professor Comfort  Pratt

Assistant Professor Comfort Pratt

Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, College of Arts and Sciences

From playing on the Ghana National team for hockey, tennis and volleyball, working for foreign ambassadors, to professor of Spanish at Texas Tech, Comfort Pratt's vow to be successful in all of her endeavors is... more»

Associate Professor Jorge  Iber

Associate Professor Jorge Iber

Department of History, College of Arts and Sciences

Jorge Iber, chairman of the History Department, has an immigrant's love for the United States. A large man occupying a large office, his persona clearly reflects the personality of his native Cuba: casual in manner, sporting a colorful purple shirt and acting like he has all the time in the world for a friendly... more»

Paul Whitfield Horn Professor James  Watkins

Paul Whitfield Horn Professor James Watkins

College of Architecture

James Watkins, dubbed the Grandmaster of Clay by an African writer, is an internationally renowned ceramic artist. His work is included in the White House Collection of American Crafts, the Shigaraki Institute of Ceramic Studies in Shigaraki, Japan, and in two museums of the Smithsonian... more»

Paul Whitfield Horn Professor Kishor  Mehta

Paul Whitfield Horn Professor Kishor Mehta

College of Engineering

Sometimes light bulbs blink on. Sometimes light poles blow over

In 1968, these two seemingly humble events converged for Dr. Kishor Mehta when heavy winds toppled one of the standards that illuminate what was then Jones Stadium.... more»

Associate Professor Ann  Graham

Associate Professor Ann Graham

School of Law

When Ann Graham was growing up in the small Texan town of Breckenridge, her parents - both of whom were educators - hoped that she would also enter the teaching profession. Instead, Graham became an attorney, specializing in banking and commercial... more»

Professor Tina  Fuentes

Professor Tina Fuentes

School of Art, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Tina Fuentes dreams in color. She touches objects and people, and feels the energy around her. On waking, she tells her husband of the vivid details of her dreams. Fuentes, one of the most well-known Hispanic artists in the country, shared this insight into her creative world during a recent conversation in her office on the Tech... more»

Associate Professor Kevin  Mulligan

Associate Professor Kevin Mulligan

Department of Economics and Geography, College of Arts and Sciences

Kevin Mulligan, a popular professor of geography at Texas Tech, is in step with the times: He has had to reinvent himself at least once in his career. When Mulligan came to the university in 1998 as a visiting professor, his specialty was physical geography. Mulligan was attracted to Texas Tech because of its location in a semi-arid environment and its excellent resources in wind science and... more»

Assistant Professor Christopher J. Smith

Assistant Professor Christopher J. Smith

School of Music, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Christopher J. Smith's fascination with the power of live music started in the coffee houses of Boston. As a 13-year old, he spent his free time immersed in the late 1960s folk music revival. During one memorable summer, he was a regular in the coffee houses, listening for hours to traditional Irish music and Mississippi Delta blues - both played live and often in the same room. "This completely rocked my world," he said in a recent interview. "I have been very dedicated to the study and performance of various traditional musics ever... more»