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Environmental Toxicology

The Department of Environmental Toxicology, housed within The Institute of Environmental and Human Health (TIEHH), offers graduate degrees in Environmental Toxicology through the College of Arts and Sciences.  TIEHH also involves undergraduate students in hands-on research training through enrollment in fixed and variable credit courses.  TIEHH and the Department of Environmental Toxicology offer students the opportunity to learn from nationally and internationally recognized faculty working in interdisciplinary teams to address critical environmental issues.   

The graduate program in Environmental Toxicology at Texas Tech University offers students the opportunity to study, understand, and interpret the behavior of chemical contaminants in the environment and their interactions with humans and other biological receptors.  Because of the multidisciplinary nature of environmental toxicology, prospective students should contact the Graduate Officer, Dr. Stephen Cox, gradprogram@tiehh.ttu.edu to discuss prerequisites and prior training.  Generally, a strong background in the natural, physical, or health sciences will provide the necessary preparation for this program.  Degrees offered at TIEHH are:


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