Texas Tech University


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Important Notices

General Information

  • Face masks or appropriate face coverings will be required in campus buildings by all students, faculty, and staff: Campus Face Covering Policy & Exemptions.
  • The Texas Tech Custodial Department incorporates the latest cleaning technologies and a strong commitment to the utmost health and well-being of every person on campus.
  • The disinfectants utilized by the custodial department are proven to kill viruses like COVID-19, as well as others.
  • The team cleaning process that is used at Texas Tech concentrates on elevating air quality with multi-filtration vacuum systems. This process requires vigorous training for each custodian.
  • In addition to traditional cleaning methods, the custodial department uses an electrostatic application of disinfectants to complement the regular cleaning process. This application process allows the team to disinfect areas that traditional cleaning methods may miss by applying an electrostatic charge to liquid disinfectants to all surfaces.
  • The TTU Operations Division is currently performing preventative maintenance and filter changes on all air flow units prior to reopening campus. Air system maintenance and upkeep will be a high priority through the summer and next year.

Personal Hygiene

  • Additional hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed throughout campus, including the Residence Halls and other Auxiliary Locations.
  • Paper towels will be available in all restrooms to open doors.

Campus Buildings

  • The Texas Tech custodial staff will wipe highly touched surfaces; including handrails, push/pull door handles, elevators, and other horizontal surfaces over the course of each day to provide a safer environment.
  • All restrooms and common areas are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis using hospital grade disinfectants.

Residence Halls

  • University Student Housing has always had the highest standards regarding the cleaning of Residence Halls and was meeting the current expectations of COVID-19 cleaning prior to the epidemic. These standards will be maintained with an increased cleaning of common spaces, elevators, laundry rooms and high touch areas.
  • The main office in each residence hall will have limited cleaning supplies available for students to maintain their space. Students are strongly encouraged to supply their own cleaning supplies that meet their individual needs.


  • Hospitality Services has enhanced and increased the frequency of cleaning procedures along with increasing the availability of sanitizing stations throughout the dining operations.
  • All Hospitality Services locations have undergone a deep and extensive sanitation process of all production, serving areas, and high-trafficked areas.
  • Hospitality Services continues to monitor and review cleaning protocols with its entire staff. The department has also increased the frequency of employee handwashing and changing of gloves.