Texas Tech University

On-Campus Living

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Important Notices

General Information

  • Face masks or appropriate face coverings are to be worn at all times inside the residence halls and in public outdoor spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained: Campus Face Covering Policy & Exemptions. Masks will be required in all common areas, hallways, and dining areas. Masks will not be required when students are in their rooms, when using the bathrooms on their floor, or when seated and eating inside a dining area which should be conducted by maintaining physical distancing.
  • Living on campus is an important and transformative part of the Texas Tech collegiate experience. Your physical safety and well-being is our top priority and we are going to do everything in our power to ensure you have the best possible experience.
  • In order to provide a safer environment, we have reduced the density of seven of our traditional residence halls. Those halls that previously featured triple and quadruple spaces have been reduced to double occupancy.
  • Common spaces within residence halls will abide by state and local occupancy guidance and the furniture in each of these spaces has been evaluated to accommodate social distancing recommendations.
  • Signage will be placed throughout the residence halls to serve as reminders for social distancing and to provide other important information for our students.
  • Student residents will be able to access their residence hall using their student I.D. and can escort visitors to their rooms. The number of visitors per student resident will be limited for the immediate future.


  • University Student Housing has always had the highest standards regarding the cleaning of Residence Halls and was meeting the current expectations of COVID-19 cleaning prior to the epidemic.
  • University Student Housing employs a cleaning staff dedicated to the cleaning and sanitization of the residence halls. These staff members work seven days a week cleaning all public areas, laundry rooms, community restrooms twice a day, elevators three times a day, and also focus on high touch areas.
  • Residence Hall offices will have limited cleaning supplies available for students to borrow and use to maintain their living space. We strongly encourage students to bring cleaning supplies they prefer and meet their individual needs. High-touch surfaces in their room should be wiped down regularly by the student with a sanitized wipe: sink, counters, desks, keyboards and phones.


  • We have installed hand sanitizer stations in all elevator lobbies and main lobbies. These stations will be resupplied daily.
  • Students will need to consider their own choices and behaviors with regards to staying healthy. Wash hands regularly, use hand sanitizer, avoid crowds and monitor your personal distance from others. Do not share drinks or food.
  • Monitor your health daily for fever and COVID-19 symptoms. If feeling ill, please contact the Student Health Services immediately for an appointment.
  • If a student in University Housing tests positive for COVID-19, that student will be relocated for self-isolation. Contact tracers and University Housing will be in communication with the student regarding health and safety protocols as well as logistics for the mandatory self-isolation period. While in self-isolation, the university will provide meal delivery and wellness checks and will also ensure the student has internet access so that they may continue with their studies.


  • We are expanding our move-in dates to accommodate proper social distancing and to avoid crowded spaces. Students will be able to begin moving into the residence halls on Aug. 8 by making an online reservation in advance. The online reservation system will be made available to students on July 1.
  • Carts will be provided to better assist you and your family as you move-in. We will have a process in place to sanitize the carts after each use.
  • Students will need to pick up their student ID cards on their day of arrival on campus. Student ID's are required to access each of the residence halls. Pickup locations for student ID's will be communicated once those plans have been finalized.


  • Students are asked to limit guests to one person. There will be a maximum of two guests per traditional room, one for each resident.
  • Guests must always be escorted by their host in the residence halls.
  • Students should remember that they can be held responsible for their guest's behavior.
  • Social distancing must be followed in large gatherings to limit the spread of COVID-19.