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Walter B. Huffman
Professor of Law
School of Law
Texas Tech University

B.A., Texas Tech University, 1967
M.Ed., 1968, J.D., 1977

Walter Huffman

As Judge Advocate General and the top military lawyer for the U.S. Army, Dean Huffman managed and led a diverse legal workforce of more than 4,000 full-time uniformed and civilian attorneys and paralegal and support personnel in the United States and 17 foreign countries, while personally handling the legal and public relations aspects of the most high-profile cases in recent Army history. During that time he was the first uniformed lawyer since World War II selected to serve on the Texas State Bar Board of Directors. Dean Huffman led the first U.S. Army delegation to China to reestablish relationships with the Chinese Army and led the first Defense Department delegation to sign written cooperative agreements between military legal agencies in Russia and the United States. He was awarded the Hungarian Distinguished Service Medal for extensive work with the post-Warsaw Pact Hungarian military focusing on the role of the military in a democracy. Dean Huffman also worked to further democracy and civilian control of the military in Latin America and was a three-time Army delegate to the Inter-American Bar Association, which is composed of military and civilian lawyers from North, Central, and South America. As personal legal counsel to the Army Chief of Staff and other principal Army staff, Dean Huffman developed legal positions on significant issues ranging from civilian detention and trial procedures in the Balkans to contract law and ethics rules associated with the Army Transformation acquisition effort. In coordination with the Department of Justice, he managed the Army defensive and affirmative litigation effort including an ADR program honored by the U.S. Attorney General as "Best in America."

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