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Section 51.976 of the Texas Education Code requires employees of programs attended by minors, and hosted on higher education campuses, to be trained in the prevention of sexual abuse and child molestation. Although Sec. 51.976 would not apply to all camps hosting minors, Texas Tech University adopted Operating Policy 10.19 which expanded the laws applicability.

Under Operating Policy 10.19, any program operated by Texas Tech, or hosted on a Texas Tech campus, that is attended by a child under the age of 18, must train their employees in compliance with the requirements set out in Sec. 51.976.

Program Directors must notify the University Counsel of their intent to host minors on campus, maintain documentation of their employees training certificates, and comply with any additional operating policies that apply to their specific camp/program.

If you are hosting minors on campus, please complete this form:

After completing this form, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of this page and wait for confirmation of your registration. If you do not see a confirmation message on your screen or receive a confirmation e-mail, your registration has not gone through. If you experience any difficulties, please send an e-mail to minorsoncampus@ttu.edu.

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