Texas Tech University

Presidential Scholarship Opportunities

Do you know an outstanding student currently enrolled at Texas Tech in need of financial aid? If so, nominations for the President's Scholarship Program are now being accepted!

President's Competitive Scholarship

The Competitive Scholarship is awarded to individuals who show involvement in extracurricular activities within the Texas Tech community and also demonstrate proven leadership.

President's Interactive Scholarship

The Interactive Scholarship is awarded to individuals who intend to participate in a study abroad program, internship program, and/or conduct undergraduate research.

Nomination Information

Faculty and staff can nominate students for these scholarships by submitting a nomination to presidents.scholarships@ttu.edu no later than June 10, 2014. Nominations should include the student’s name, R number, e-mail address and the scholarship for which they are being nominated. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Wilson in the Office of the President at 742-2121 or sarahelise.wilson@ttu.edu.

2013 Presidential Scholarship Recipients

Natalija Dobras – President’s Competitive Scholarship Recipient

Natalija is a senior, Philosophy and Sociology major. She is involved in many activities including Phi Alpha Delta, European Student Association, University Student Housing, Red Raider Orientation, Center for Campus Life and Complex Council. She has held leadership positions through the PreLaw Program, Tech Students for Court Appointed Special Advocates, and the Criminology Club.

Christina Jordan – President’s Competitive Scholarship Recipient

Christina is a junior, Multidisciplinary Studies/General Education major. Her extracurricular activities include Habitat for Humanity, Rotary Readers, International Honor Society, National Residence Hall Association, and a Community Advisor for the Future Teacher Learning Community. Examples of her leadership experience include serving as a Senator with the Student Government Association and the College of Education, Relay for Life, and the Susan G. Komen Walk.

Bo Hutto – President’s Interactive Scholarship Recipient

Bo is a junior Animal Sciences/Meat Sciences Business major. He was able to spend time studying abroad in Australia due to this scholarship. “The knowledge and experience I have gained about meat science during my time in college is invaluable to me, and I was very excited to be able to apply that knowledge last summer during my internship in Australia.”

Nathan Lynch – President’s Interactive Scholarship Recipient

Nathan is a senior Economics and Finance major. This scholarship will allow him to have a better understanding of economic theory. “I have plans to obtain a graduate degree in Economics from Texas Tech, and these funds will support my submissions to academic journals, along with research and presentation-related expenses and fees that add up quickly.”

Sarah Forehand – President’s Interactive Scholarship Recipient

Sarah is a senior, Multidisciplinary Studies major. Sarah has plans to study abroad in Salamanca, Spain. “This experience will provide a personal connection to the processes of language acquisition and culture shock. It is a completely different thing to read or talk about something rather than experience it, and I am thankful to have that opportunity.”

2012 Presidential Scholarship Recipients

Brad Looney

Brad Looney – President's Competitive Scholarship Recipient

"I'm a Junior Energy Commerce major here at Texas Tech University. This summer I will be working as a Land Intern with ConocoPhillips in Houston. My scholarship money went directly to paying for my introduction to Energy Commerce classes that I took during the fall semester. I have learned a plethora of valuable information about the energy industry through the terrific Energy Commerce program. The President's Competitive Scholarship money directly funded what I will be doing for the rest of my life."

Jeffrey Chen

Jeffrey Chen – President's Competitive Scholarship Recipient

"I'm a senior Biology major from Missouri City, Texas. When I was preparing to come to Texas Tech, financing my college education was the biggest concern. This scholarship has been instrumental in helping me not only pay for living and school expenses, but also my future. Being a pre-med student doesn't come cheap. This scholarship has truly helped me invest in my future. I am so thankful to be a recipient of this scholarship and hope that you will apply and be the next recipient of the Presidential Scholarship."

Saba Nafees

Saba Nafees – President's Interactive Scholarship Recipient

"Due to family hardship, and being the youngest of three children who couldn't attend a higher education institution, I knew that only scholarships could pave my education. Of the scholarships I received, the one awarded so generously by the Office of the President has benefitted me the most. I was accepted to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute program. I am passionate about using Mathematics as a powerful tool to analyze patterns and changes that inherent to biological phenomenon. I am likely to purse an M.D./Ph.D. with my Ph.D. in Mathematics and be a surgeon."

Faith Jurek

Faith Jurek – President's Interactive Scholarship Recipient

"I recently graduated from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources with a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Communications. I received the scholarship my junior year and used it to study abroad in England and Scotland. The trip was revolved around learning the agriculture industry of the United Kingdom. Not only was the trip interesting, it was one of the most exciting experiences I have encountered thus far. Apply for this scholarship and go abroad!"