Office of the President

Date: October 1, 2013
To: TTU Faculty and Staff
From: President Duane Nellis, Texas Tech University
Subject: Texas Tech University Operational Response to Federal Government Shutdown

Due to the federal government shutdown, Texas Tech University anticipates the following impacts:

  1. Any payments for pending research awards may be adversely affected by a shutdown. Additionally, all proposal submission deadlines after October 1 will be negatively impacted as there will be no one to receive them at the federal agencies. For example, NIH research grants like RO1, R15, R21 whose deadlines occur after October 1 will be impacted.
    • Sponsored Programs Accounting and Reporting will continue to process grant drawdown requests on federal research grants that have already been awarded.
    • We will continue to monitor and review should any payment systems for federal agencies be suspended and readdress funding for those after 30 days.
    • New grant applications can continue to be submitted, but will not be processed further by the federal agency until such time as the authority and funding are restored.
  2. Delay in payment of federal financial aid and reimbursements.
    • In an effort to accommodate student financial concerns related to the federal government shut-down, Student Business Services and Financial Aid will be prepared to notify any affected students, including those that receive military benefits, that the University will provide institutional loans to bridge them until access to federal funding is once again available.
    • We will continue to monitor and review on a biweekly basis to determine how we proceed.
  3. Support from federal law enforcement agencies – both tactical and technology.
    • Based on news reports, federal law enforcement agencies that are considered essential to protecting the country will continue to be operational during a shut-down.
    • We will continue to monitor this to determine whether any changes occur.
    • Texas Tech Police Department will continue to coordinate with local, county and state law enforcement agencies for support.
Aug 15, 2015