Office of the President

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure I submit to you the first in a series of monthly Friday Letters I will issue throughout my presidency. One of my philosophies is ensuring we are all communicating as one and sharing the same message as we move the university forward.

Since moving here in June, Ruthie and I have experienced the warmth and welcoming spirit of Texas Tech, Lubbock, and our vast alumni network throughout Texas and beyond. We were aware of this reputation when I accepted the position in March and the Red Raider community has exceeded our expectations. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of you and look forward to continuing to reach out across campus and the community to forge new relationships.

From the time I was approached about the presidency at Texas Tech to the day I officially began my duties, I’ve worked diligently to educate myself on the university, its programs and people. Texas Tech’s reputation as a rising high-profile institution was already prevalent. The higher education community nationally is aware of Texas Tech, and in my short time as president, I’ve learned why. We have great people leading our university, colleges and departments, and a talented faculty directing our students.

Moving forward, I envision a university dedicated to supporting scholarly research and creative activities, involving faculty, staff, and students. We must continue to focus on these areas to ensure student success and recruitment of the best and brightest students to Texas Tech.

Our students can’t excel without a strong and talented faculty. We will hire in strategic inter-disciplinary areas, and work with the provost, vice president for research, and university community to promote research growth. We must enhance our research facilities and classrooms to promote a more viable learning atmosphere across all disciplines.

These initiatives represent the beginning of the set of priorities I have for the university. However, I can’t do this alone: I need and want your input and involvement. I’ve begun scheduling a series of forums in each college and various departments around campus, and I’m reaching out across our vast alumni and friends network to gain your important perspective as well. Our alumni laid the foundation for the successes we enjoy today, and it is our duty to ensure that foundation continues to grow stronger.

I’m excited about the future of Texas Tech University and working with each one of you. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts and ideas as we come together for the betterment of our university.

Go Texas Tech, and Guns Up!

M. Duane Nellis

M. Duane Nellis, Ph.D.

Aug 15, 2015