Dr. Juan Sanchez Munoz - Publications

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Manuscript Contract

Munoz, J. (2005). Contributing Editor: Language and Culture Section. Handbook of Research on Latinos and Education. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers. Nahwah, N.J.

Refereed Book Reviews

Munoz, J. (2003) Hispanic Education: Alas y Races. By Eugene Garcia

Journal of Latinos and Education, 2 (3): 183-186.

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Book Chapters:

McLaren, P. and Munoz, J. (2005). "Dis-investing whiteness: toward a common struggle for social justice" InRed Seminars:Radical Excursions into Educational Theory, Cultural Politics, and Pedagogy. Hampton Press, NJ.

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Invited Essays

Munoz, J. (2005). Cortina, Juan. Encyclopedia Latina: History, Culture, Society. Grolier, Amherst, MA.

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Technical Reports:

Herman, Joan and Munoz, Juan. (1995). I Have a Dream- Review and Evaluation. UCLA Center for the Study of Evaluation/ CRESST (National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing). Los Angeles, California.

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