Dr. Juan Sanchez Munoz - Community Services

Texas Diversity Council

  • Board of Directors, 2006
    State wide Texas organization committed to developing partnership and programs that increase the utility and success of diversity in the workplace and higher education.

Lubbock Housing Authority

  • Commissioner, 2006
    Working with the city, oversee the allocation and implementation of federal Housing Authority funds related to low income, affordable housing, and Section 8 resources for hundreds of families in and around Lubbock County.

South Plains Boys Scouts

  • Board of Directors - Vice President, 2006
    Oversee the administration of the Boys Scouts program and resources throughout the South Plains.

Lubbock Boys and Girls Clubs

  • Board of Directors - Vice President, 2005 - present
    City agency consisting of three clubs. Duties include oversight of agency's Director and development of resources and programs to serve area.
  • Co-Chair, 2004 - present
    Community Advocates - Youth Leadership Academy is a nonprofit organization that promotes civic engagement, reduces inter-group tensions and cultural isolation, and future leaders for the community of Los Angeles, California.
  • Member, 2004 - 04
    Leadership Lubbock Class - Lubbock Chamber of Commerce. Cohort selected annually to train and interact with identified city leaders. 12 month program.
  • Member Youth Council, 2000 - 04
    Mayoral appointment to the Workforce Investment Board-Youth Council. The Council is primary responsible for advising the Workforce Investment Board as to appropriate expenditures of city, state, and federal funding targeting youth.
  • Member Youth Council 2000 - 04
    Operations Committee- Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board-Youth Council

Plaza Community Center

  • Board of Directors 2002 - 04
    A community non-profit organization established in 1905 which serves the physical, mental health, and counseling needs of primarily Latino families in the city of Los Angeles.

Esperzana Scholarship Foundation

  • Board of Directors 2002- 04
    A non-profit organization in San Bernardino County that raises funds to offer scholarship to Inland empire youth with ambitions to attend institutions of higher learning.

San Bernardino County

  • Commissioner 2003 - 04
    Regional Parks Commissioner for San Bernardino County, the largest county in the United States.
  • Commissioner 2003 - 04
    Substance Abuse Advisory Committee for San Bernardino County.

ALCHEMY: Journal of Chicano / Latina Arts

  • Editor, Wtr 1992 - 02
    Founding member and chief Editor of this bilingual journal of literary arts dedicated to the promotion of Latino/a writers and artist.
  • Faculty Sponsor, ELA College/ Chicano/a Studies Colloquia, 1996
    Chicano/a: Una Voz-an event to discuss the cultural and political climate of Southern California and the role of Latinos.
    A collection of work generated by participants of the Summer Arts Recovery Program.

Principal Founding Member of The UCLA Graduate Student Colectiva. A transdisciplinary collection of Latina/o graduate students interested in composing university programming that is both intellectually and culturally relevant to the university community. Fall 1997-present

Principal Founding Member of Latino/a Film Makers Consortium. A collection of Latina/o producers, directors, and investors interested in generating screen media which accurately depicts the realities experienced by people of Latin/ Hispanic ancestry in America. Spring 1994-present

Principal Founding Member of Joda-Arte Promotions: A consortium of Latino artist promoting cultural and educational events. Winter 1992- present.

Member of the Los Angeles Unified School Districts Multicultural Collaborative. A broad based coalition of community members, artist, and educators attempting to design resource listing which are specific to designated ethnic groups: Latino/ Hispanic Component. Winter 1993-94.

Member of the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Intercultural Leadership Committee. Assisting in developing multicultural curriculum that is inclusive of all ethnic groups in the district. Winter 1993-94.

Member of LA TEATRO advisory board. A Latino performing arts group specializing in original works by Latina/o writers. Winter 1993-present.

Principal Founding Member of Aztlan Cultural Arts Foundation: A cultural arts facility dedicated to providing bilingual/bicultural artistic events. Summer 1992-present.

Principal Founding Member of the Mexican-American Graduate Student Association, California State University Los Angeles, Fall 1991 -94.