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Dr. Juan Sanchez Munoz

Dr. Juan Sanchez Munoz


Dr. Muñoz is currently Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Senior Vice President for Institutional Diversity Equity, and Com­munity Engagement. As a Vice President and Vice Provost, Dr. Muñoz serves on the President's Administrative Council, Provost Staff, Dean's Council, Academic Council, Strategic Planning Council, Strategic Enrollment Planning Council, University Budget Working Group, and is the Chair of the TTUS, Outreach and Engagement System Priority.

A component of Dr. Muñoz's portfolio as Vice Provost and Senior Vice President, includes the oversight of university wide academic support units including; the Academic Testing Center, University Advising Center, the Center for Undergraduate Research, the Faculty Professional Development Center, and Women's Studies Program, Military & Veteran Programs, and Support Opera­tions for Academic Retention. As a representative of Texas Tech University, Dr. Muñoz serves on the Association of Public and Land Grant University's Commission on Access, Diversity and Excellence, is a member of the Board of Directors, National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education, and has been an appointed member of the Planning Committee for the National Outreach Scholarship Conference. more»







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Conference Presentations

Munoz, J. (2006). Diversity in Higher Education. Texas Diversity and Leadership Conference. Dallas, Tx.

Munoz, J. (2005). Creating a campus climate of inclusion. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Commissioner’s Summit. Austin, Tx.

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Community Service

Texas Diversity Council

Lubbock Housing Authority

South Plains Boys Scouts

Lubbock Boys and Girls Clubs



University Service

Texas Tech University:



Military Service

United States Marine Corps- Reserves 1986-1992-Honorable Discharge, 1992.
Rank at separation, E-5- Sergeant

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