Texas Tech University

Degrees of Impact

The Burkhart Center: Improving Lives On The Autism Spectrum For 15 Years

Created as a small, teacher-training project in 2003, Texas Tech University’s Burkhart Center for Autism Education & Research has grown into a comprehensive, lifespan center.

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Community Connection: Texas Tech Center Helps Students In Addiction Recovery

One of the first collegiate recovery programs three decades ago, the CCRC is one of the best today.

Researcher Awarded Patent To Convert Low-Grade Cotton Into Gel With Variable Use Qualities

The research behind the patent was conducted by Noureddine Abidi and Yang Hu in Texas Tech’s Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute.

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Message from the President

Something powerful happens every day at Texas Tech.

It reaches far beyond our Texas roots. Our outstanding programs and faculty turn students' passions into pathways to create the future with meaningful results. It's why Texas Tech graduates are often recognized for making lasting change in industries, communities, countries, and even day-to- day life around the globe. Those are the degrees of impact you make when you're a Red Raider.

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