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Background Information:  Real-Time Captioning

Broadcast Captioning

Real-time and closed captioning technologies utilized by broadcast companies rely on the work of broadcast captioning stenographers, very similar to court reporting.  In addition, broadcast closed captioning entails specialized equipment and highly skilled staff:

Types of Broadcast Captioning: CART vs. Typewell

Real-time captioning services are generally based on two methodologies of production; Communication/Computer Access Real-time Translation (CART) or Typewell.

CART is a broad category of services including open captioning or real-time stenography. A trained stenographer uses stenographic tools and methods to translate the speech to text.

Typewell is a system for converting speech into text using specialized software. The transcriptionist provides a non-verbatim translation that fully communicates the speaker’s intent while removing any non-critical communications.

Web Stream Captioning

Web stream captioning is accomplished by much the same process, with approximately a 3-15 second delay.  While Voice Recognition software continues to improve, its use in real-time captioning is hampered by:

Options for Captioning for MediaSite

Third Party Services

MediaSite Captioning utilizes an existing account with a third party captioning service to automate the process of submission and creation of transcripts for a video recording.

Mediasite captioning service partners include; Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) and 3Play Media. Both can be configured under the MediaSite Captioning Manager.

Sample pricing:

Vendor: AST 3Play
Pay per project (Per Hour of Content) $162.00 $150.00
100 Hours Prepaid $14,550.00 $14,100.00
1000 Hours Prepaid $145,500.00 $129,000.00

Internally Managed Hardware/Software Solution

DOCSOFT AV is a stand-alone appliance that resides on the network and monitors designated MediaSite recorders.

Sample pricing:

Item Cost
AV Appliance $18,000.00
Warranty/Customer Support $3,600.00
Installation/Training (optional) $2,500.00