Texas Tech University

Accessible Online Courses Bootcamp


7/11-13/2017 10am – 12pm


TTU Worldwide eLearning Conference Room


This three day bootcamp will take the instructor through all aspects of ADA compliance in online instructional material. Instructors will learn new skills and immediately be able to make necessary changes in their courses. Topics include: captioning, ensuring accessible documents and PDFs, describing visual contents, colors, and many more.

What to bring

  • Your laptop, you will be creating and editing material
  • Access to your online course and instructional material.


Tuesday - Overview of Accessibility

Review federal guidelines instructors need to know to keep their courses accessible, including recent legal regulations and lawsuits. Overview of checklist for accessible courses and accessibility resources at Texas Tech Worldwide eLearning.

Wednesday - Text 

Learn techniques to ensure all text in course and instructional material is accessible. This includes syllabi, word documents, PDFs and text in Blackboard and other websites used in courses.

Thursday - Media

Modify all your media types to ensure both accessibility for students with disabilities and a universal design. Describing visual content, adding captions, benefits of including transcripts, creating a text-only document from presentations


Registration is limited. Please register to reserve your spot.

Accessibility Bootcamp Postcard

Accessibility Bootcamp Postcard

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